Congratulations to Today’s $100 Winner:

6/1 : Dennis Leverett from Lubbock


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Time Left For You To Qualify

How Can You Win?

Secure 10 New Business appointments occurring before May 31st to be entered to win a $2,000 grand prize! There will also be daily $100 winners randomly chosen from qualified sellers. Secure 15 NB appointments, your name is entered for the $2,000 twice. Secure 20 NB appointments, you’re entered four times.
Gain an additional entry for each new business account closed prior to May 31st.

Beginning Monday, May 3rd, and each May business day thereafter, a $100 drawing will be held from those qualified sellers.

The appointments are to focus primarily on May-July business. Appointments and closes have to be vetted and followed up on by market management.

MANAGERS ONLY: Submit your Qualified Sellers 

Winner List

Congratulations to all our winners: 

5/3 : Maria Brana – Far East Bay

5/4 : Sonia Parra – Palm Springs

5/5 : Jessica Beguin from Aurora / Joliet

5/6 : Julie Watson from Hagerstown / Chambersburg

5/7 : Linda Tantillo from San Jose

5/10 : Jill Thielbar from Luverne

5/11 : Chyrel Schultz from Amarillo

5/12 : Cheryl Olson from Mankato

5/13 : Dana Kleinman from Louisville

5/14 : Andy Lawrence from Dayton

5/17 : Kirk Mooney from Farmington / Festus

5/18 : Sharon Kleinfelder from San Antonio

5/19 : Kevin Brown from Saginaw

5/20 : Patrick Wright from Alaska

5/21 : Doug Holliday From Far East Bay

5/24 : Marlyce Woods-Johnson from Louisville

5/25 : Christiana Houston Williams from Jackson

5/26 : Kandi Hopper from North Dallas

5/27 : Jennifer Henneghen from Wenatchee

5/28 : Cornel Bogdan from Canton

6/1 : Dennis Leverett from Lubbock